This is the co-working space for people who want to share ideas with us.

There are some things some people do better than we do: Dancing the tango, making a plum pudding, constructing a space ship. Nobody is a solitary force, no matter what others think. Or even what you think yourself. The best we can do is to work together with people who are really good and passionate at what they do.

We believe in the power of communication.

We select our manufacturing partners with the greatest care. We communicate at eye level. Workflows must be transparent. Our high performing software W.F.X. connects us within Asmara and to our partners and customers. Or we use the videoconference system.

We believe in quality.

We connect with each other within the office, sometimes with all the countries. Our quality teams have developed our own extensive ASMARA KNOWLEDGE BANK. We believe in the future of quality and we have the most advanced laboratories for research and product development in house.
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Each office has a laboratory. We perform technical and chemical tests for each new product. It is only produced if it withstands testing.