This is where we gather ideas and discuss how we can create more humane situations and improve production conditions and environmental stewardship together. Discussion as a first step for change.
We cannot and do not want to change the world. It's about small steps to make things better. In Bangladesh, India, wherever people work in fashion.
  • I like EAU DE BANGLADESH. Another idea for the platform is CARE & SHARE. 
    Why? I think this name expresses exactly what we want to do. We want to care about our production partners and the environment, and we want to do it together.
    We want to share our ideas and the responsibility. 

  • Hello from Berlin.
    EAU DE BANGLADESH: I love the idea of using something beautiful such as
    perfume to bring attention to something that is not always nice.
    People in Berlin will like it. When the platform is established and the perfume becomes a reality, we could donate 10 percent of the profits to a project for schools in Bangladesh and India. Or in Pakistan. Yes, it is a lot of work to change things, but it is also fun when we use humor instead of pointing fingers. I will support this idea by offering ideas, texts and videos to the platform.



Proposal: We will give our activities a name, a logo, which we will use to communicate our commitment to the outside world. To factory partners as well as to the press and the final consumer. Our idea: EAU DE BANGLADESH as a brand for humanity. Accompanied by the creation of a perfume.
  • It is great to be doing something together. Thanks. I agree; talking about the things that should change can be the first step. 
    Maybe we can do this workshop together, we as fashion designers and you as our partners. I think these kind of workshops should be prepared carefully, maybe with a little Power Point presentation, or a very simple short video. It is probably easier for the workers to understand these topics with  images...

  • It's always hard to make a good beginning. Who begins, what do you do? I
    want to think about how to make this roundtable effective. Perhaps Asmara
    must take the first step and inspire ideas from the production partners? Or
    should customers call on the production partners to do this? Let me know what you think.



Proposal: Change can only come through collaboration. We encourage a conversation with the executive boards of the factories, to inform them of our efforts and to bring them to the table. First step: Together we initiate a workshop with the workers in the laundries to inform them about their workplace. About the dangers of vapors and dyes and how they can protect themselves.